Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B. June 4th 2016.

I dropped into Frampton on the way home, just in case the med gulls were about. But they had not been seen since early morning, so i took a walk towards the seat, and clicked these shots on the way back to the car park.

Choseley, Titchwell Marsh R.S.P.B and Flitcham Abbey Farm, Norfolk. 29th May 2016.

The weather today was disappointing for this time of the year, it was overcast, misty and the cold northerly wind made it very cool especially in the mornings. I decided to have a trip to Titchwell as its been awhile since my last visit. The journey was quiet for this time of the year, no doubt due to the unseasonable weather. On the way I stopped at Choseley hoping that the trip of Dotterel were still about. As i was looking for the Dotterel i noticed a pair of Red Legged Partridges feeding, taking no notice as i drove up beside them it enabled me to take some shots. I stopped at the bend in the road next, this is were i took the shots of the Whitethroat as he was dashing from hedge to hedge singing and displaying as he was trying to impress the local females.
The next stop was Titchwell, the car park again was quiet. I then walked the Fen Trail seeing Marsh Harrier and Cuckoo before reaching the nearest screen, here i saw the common species of ducks and geese, however 2 male Red Crested Pochard a sleep on the island was a good year tick.
I then continued down the bank to the island hide, i sat and watched Avocets, Redshank gulls and ducks, the swifts, swallows and martins were busy feeding over the freshmarsh so i decided to have a go at photographing them as they flew low over the water catching insects.  A quick walk around the car park before leaving was rewarding, as a male Blackcap sang from a nearby tree.
On the way home i dropped into the bird hide at Abbey Farm Flitcham to try a catch the Little Owls, two people were already there and one birder - who came from Scotland- had been there for 2 hours without any luck. As we were waiting for them to show a Wren and the Marsh Harrier were the close encounters of the day.

Holkham Park, Norfolk:- February 5th 2016.

I parked in the village car park and walked to the lake to see the ferruginous duck that had been there for a few days. I found the bird however it was very elusive and when it decided to go into the short reed growth to feed it became difficult to see. After about ten minutes Carl C (the whale expert) called to me to say that the bird was showing nearer to the middle of the lake. I grabbed my gear and quickly walked to where Carl was standing, and sure enough the duck was seen feeding on the bank. The duck then slowly walked down to the water, then swam passed to where it was feeding earlier. The shots are distant as the duck stayed on the other side of the lake, so these shots are record shots of a lifer for me. The wigeon were found down Lady Anne's Drive they were close to the road so this made it easier to get this shot.

Abbey Farm, Flitcham, Norfolk. 31st December 2015.

The long staying Pallid Harrier turned up at Abbey Farm on the 16th December after arriving at Snettisham from mid November. I joined other birders by the hedgerow that the harrier had chosen as a favourite place to hunt. We stood there quite awhile until a birder beside me shouted "PALLID HARRIER OVER DISTANT HEDGEROW" we then watched the bird until it dropped out of sight. After a short wait it appeared again this time flying away from us towards the water tower at Sandringham. I then drove and explored the area - with a few other birders in there cars- however the bird was not relocated and did not show at the farm anymore that day until mid afternoon. The shots here were taken whilst waiting for the harrier i also saw Linnets, Sparrowhawk, Merlin, 2 Buzzards and loads of Pink feet.

Beckenham Place Park, London, 29th. December 2015.

The family went for a walk in this local park during our stay in London, as we walked around a small party off parakeets flew into some trees, so i took the opportunity to take some shots.


King's Lynn Fisher Fleet, 4th December 2015

This Iceland Gull gave our local docks a visit in the first week of December, it was after the storm in the north of the country called Desmond. I drove down to the fisher fleet and was joined by two more birders, which was very handy as there was loads of gulls to go through. It was first located on top of the shellfish factory where it stayed briefly before flying off. It was relocated swimming in the river, so we ran to the corner of crossbank road and watched it join a party of mallards on the muddy
bank. It sat there awhile enjoying the wintry sun and started to preen itself. This bird is a juvenile which has strayed down from its usual wintering grounds in the North Atlantic,- probably pushed down by the bad weather- this is my second Iceland Gull the first being seen at Blackborough End refuse dump way back in February 2005.

Titchwell R.S.P.B. 9th August 2015


Magpies [on guard]

Wall Brown

White Campion

Rosebay Willowherb


Common Tern [in the heat haze]

Common Tern

Distant Spoonbills



Assorted waders [mainly blackwits i think?]

Black-headed Gull {nearly tail less]

juv Shelduck with Moorhen

Had a trip to T'Well today as it was sunny and bright, the roads were quite this morning but due to a festival at Sandringham it was very busy on the homeward trek. 
Arrived at T'Well where i met Malcolm -from Wisbech- in the car park, i have met him on various occasions mostly when looking for weekend rarities.  He informed me that he had just retired, so maybe our rare weekend get together will now be few and far between, anyhow I wish him luck in his retirement and hope that his birding continues.
First stop was the Island hide not much to get excited about,  just the normal waders that are on there migration to warmer climes. i.e Dunlin, Ruff, Avocet and distant Blackwits.
A small party of Spoonbills were on the other side of the freshmarsh, these could be seen from the island hide as white blobs moving in the heat haze. The Common Tern sat for a while on this post -as you can see the heat haze has affected the sharpness- but its still a nice shot. The walk to Patsy's Pool was not very productive it only had the local mute swans, canada geese, and various ducks in eclipse moult.
Went back to the Island Hide for a last look, the only change was that Eddie M was in the hide, he did manage to find a Med Gull and an Osprey over the concrete blockhouse later in the day however i was driving home at the time but there you are thats birding for you.