April 2018

Roydon Common:-18/04/2018

Eastern European Pony feeding on the ridge at Roydon 

Male Yellowhammer singing from a bramble bush again on the ridge

Woodlarks;- Seen from the car park.

Titchwell R.S.P.B.:-18/04/2018
Willow Warbler:- In the willows near the car park

Mediterranean Gull:- Flying high over the freshmarsh 

Snettisham Country Park:- 25/04/2018 




Titchwell R.S.P.B:- 25/04/2018
Tufted Duck


Sandwich Tern There was 750+ on the freshmarsh today

Reed Bunting


Brent Goose

Titchwell Marsh R.S.P.B 20th September 2017

Went to Titchwell today, we dropped in as we were passing from Burnham Overy Staithe after an unsuccessful trip to see the Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler which was found there the following weekend. We walked to the screen over looking Patsy's Pool while we were watching the usual local ducks i noticed a Bittern flying towards me. As we sat waiting another Bittern appeared sitting in the reeds opposite us. I managed to change lens's quickly and i was able to take these shots before it flew off back into the heart of the reedbed.

We then decided to walk along the West Bank to look for some waders that were feeding on the Freshmarsh, here we had the usual species for this time of the year Ruff, Black-Tailed Godwits, Golden Plover, Dunlin and we think 3 lovely Little Stints. The shots below are of a bird that came close to the side of the bank, it was busy feeding, so it did not seem to mind the shutter noise.

 Holme Dunes NWT, 10th August 2017

This was my second visit to Holme, as the week before i had visited the reserve and had seen two Great White Egrets. I decided to return and try and get some shots of this superb bird. These shots were taken from the hide that is on the Hun Pool. At first the G.W Egret was mid distant, as time went on it gradually waded towards the hide as its confidence grew. As people came in the hide it would fly back to mid water again as it seemed to get spooked quite easily. The flight shots are because another party arrived which made it fly across to the other side of the pool. The last two shots are of a Little Egret that came quit close, it was interesting to observe the different feeding techniques used by these birds, the Great White Egret stalked and stabbed its prey-very similar to a herons-were as the Little Egret stirred the bottom of the pond with its foot bringing its prey nearer the surface.
Pectoral Sandpiper Titchwell Marsh R.S.P.B [Continued]

20th July 2017:- Titchwell Marsh R.S.P.B. Norfolk.

A Pectoral Sandpiper graced T'Well today, so i decided to go and see if i could get some shots with my new camera gear. I arrived in the afternoon and found the bird from the Island Hide. The conditions were not favourable as the weather was dull with some light rain at times, As rare birds mostly turn up in these conditions i thought it would be a good test to see what i could produce in the way of workable images.
I was pleased with the results -as the top 2 are very heavily cropped- as there is minimal grain and detail in the plumage is quite good. Not competition winning shots but ok for what we call record shots. I think with a bit of tweaking i may be able to improve my technique, however the last shot
-which is not cropped as much- is quite acceptable giving both distance from subject- main bank to front of freshmarsh -and size 8.5" I like these little yank waders they are always clean cut and a smart looking bird.

20th July:- Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Tried out my new camera and lens today, i have traded my old Nikon D7000+55-300mm lens for a Nikon D5300+70-300mm lens. This combination means fitting a FX lens on to a DX body, this increases the lens factor by 1.5 times, and gives me at the high end a 450mm lens. This coupled with the 24.2 million pixel CMOS sensor and increased ISO range -max 12800 -should allow me to get bigger images allowing me to get better quality shots for my photography, especially for the birds.
The above shot is of a collered dove walking across my neighbours roof.

Gaywood Valley 4/6/2017

               Gaywood Valley 4th June 2017

I meet DG this morning and had a walk down to the Gaywood Valley area. We were hoping to see Cetti's Warbler that DG has seen earlier in the week. We heard the Cetti's however we were unlucky with a sighting, it was a lovely sunny morning, highlights being:- Little Egret, Male Bullfinch, Song Thrush, Willow Warbler -that started its song like a chaff- (photo top) and Chiff Chaff being seen.

Titchwell 15/10/2017

Titchwell Marsh R.S.P.B. 15th October 2016

I had a visit to Titchwell today, it was going to be an early start but this was delayed because the weather first thing was damp and misty. Around about midday it finally got out, so i drove to Titchwell in the improving weather. At Choseley i saw a kestrel and a corn bunting on the wires and there were lots of starlings feeding in the hedgerow.  As i drove into the car park- at T"Well- i could see cars parked along the edge of the road, a full car park - as i expected - so i had a brief wait for a space.  I walked around the fen trail and soon came across a group of birders watching the bushes, after a few minutes a Yellow-browed Warbler was seen and we had  far views of the bird flitting through the branches. As the crowds appeared i walked towards the beach to look for waders that might be near the Island Hide. As i approached i could see that there was no birds to photograph as they were to distant, so i decided to go back for the yellow-browed warbler. I was by myself a first, however after a few minutes a crowd soon formed but this time the warbler came towards the path so we had some superb views as it was feeding and flitting through the outer branches of the trees. It was joined by passing long tailed tits, cettis warbler, blue tit and a chiff chaff which was easy to photograph as this came close as well. The shots of the YBW are not brilliant, however they are not bad as the hedgerow was shady and these birds are very quick as they flit through the branches after small insects.